The Cutting Room Floor Pt.1

February 24th, 2017

Part 1 of the podcheese mini-series "The Cutting Room Floor", spanning back years and including content never used on prior episodes, probably for good reason.  Against all better judgment, hours of previously unreleased material is now available to you, the beautiful people. Feelings will be hurt, bridges will be burned, laughs will be had at our heroes' and others' expenses.  Benny is ridiculed for his Valentines Day gift to his wife.  Benny and Josh listen to and critique musical acts Goth Brooks and Mike the Rappin' Weatherman.  Josh hates Amish people.  Sports Illustrated publishes a nontraditional Swimsuit Issue.  Mossy bank.

The Goth Brooks album Moonshine and Mascara can be downloaded at Check out Mike the Rappin Weatherman on Vimeo


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